Highlights of 2012

wow... end of 2012 already. can't really decide if this year was bullshit or best time of my life. i feel i kinda have to do this post for myself just to remember that it wasn't all so bad...

my first visit to paris fashion week in february, experiencing all the craziness that surrounds fw

spotting my pic in french elle

 styling a shoot with dj legend marco remus

changing and rebranding the blog from oblańćilnica to the stylist

attending philips fashion week in april, the best one in my opinion

styling for maxi at paris la nuit fashion show in may

moving to paris in june. need i say more?

attending men's fashion week in june & july

celebrating my bday in paris with all my friends... best gift ever!

random encounter with karl lagerfeld

my assistant job, shooting with hanna ben abdesslem and emmanuelle seigner

styling the shoot for xo magazine

 two awesome trips to holland

 assisting on a shoot with french actress audrey tautou

attending ss13 paris fashion week, reporting for bonjour paris and xo magazine

 styling a shoot with parisian designers and photographer ellin anderegg

getting a job with image... more to come in 2013.

and what are your personal best moments of 2012?

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