Trend: Bizzare Shoes

shoe trends are getting really bizzare lately. every now and then i browse through a few online shops to see what's new in the shoe department and i noticed they're getting crazier every season. they're very graphic or include strange materials like goat fur. the focus is on  the platforms that are getting sky high and the shape of the heel. geometric shapes, unexpected materials and chunky shapes, the more unusual the better!

with platforms getting higher and higher it was only the matter of time when we'll start wearing good old raving shoes again. i remember my platform baby blue buffalo shoes from my PLUR era. i was wearing them everywhere. later i sold them to a girl from dubrovnik and anytime i think of them they give me great memories of that time. nostalgia all the way!
they might not be very practical (except for jumping puddles) and they're quite heavy... as i remember trying them on after i haven't worn them for quite some time, i could hardly move in them. that just proves how much i used to love them to be wearing them to school and danced all night at partys... we called them cakes since the resemblance with the platform.
at last paris fashion week i spotted quite a few buffalo's and i predict they're gonna be a huge trend in a season or two. will you be going for this trend?

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