You're a Journalist? No, I'm a Bum!

i've been going through some stuff these past few days and didn't really feel like blogging. deciding on what the next step in your life is isn't something you do impulsively. i believe everything happens for a reason, so i hope all this will evolve into something great.
i've been thinking about my career as a writer and wardrobe stylist a lot lately. when you come to my age you expect stability and wish to have a certain stanard of living which would make your life comfortable and enjoyable. of course everyone wishes to do what they love and be paid good money for it but in a lot of situations that is not the case. i left slovenia because i was tired of working for free, being exploited and working with unprofessionals. numerous times i was promised to be paid, did my job as agreed an was left with nothing. after all my experience and hard work i felt it was time to really start my career. unfortunately times aren't bright for media anywhere. it seems that no matter how much experience you have and how hard you try, everyone still expects you to work for free. journalism isn't respected in the fashion world at all. is it because there's this opinion that anyone can write? because of all the blogs? did they devalue journalism? almost the same goes for styling. you don't really need any special skills for that, so now just anyone who has good taste in fashion can be a stylist. it's a constant battle between those who are just starting and need experience and will gladly work for free and those who have enough experience to write a book about it and need to be paid for their work. usualy the free working force wins and you're left with your terrible paid jobs. it's not a glamorous life as many may think. i meet quite a few journalists/editors/stylists here and they all complain about the same thing.
i know i'm fucking awesome at what i do, i wouldn't have so many great references and compliments from both readers and editors if i wasn't. it's just the matter of people finally appreciating the profession and realizing that many of us actualy do this for a living. only than i can end my career as a bum and finally be a writer. that's the least i deserve!

photo: yoko miyake - from the shoot with audrey tautou where i was assisting stylist

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