Mysteries of Paris

living here i started to notice some unusual phenomenon and raised some seriously concerning questions, which other foreign people seemed to share with me:

- where are all the petrol stations? in the first two months i couldn't spot a single gas station in paris. so many cars, where do they fill them up? later i found out that in the centre they have them under ground and elsewhere you can spot just a little tanks in the streets. now that i was paying so much attention i can actually spot them everywhere
- why does nobody shave? majority of male population thinks beards are awesome and when i spotted some hairy female armpits i was just shocked!
- how come everyone's so thin with all those unhealthy eating habits? only coffee for breakfast, fast meals for lunch and abundant dinner at 10pm... how is this possible? i got so fat here, it's not fair!
- how come there's so few people on the metro in the morning? does nobody go to work that early? or are they all freelancers like me? or maybe they all take cabs? hmmm...
- and finally where are all the fashionable people? at first i could only spot a few here and there... i was surprised. although paris is considered a fashion capital, balenciaga bags and louboutins aren't just strolling down every street. later i realized there are some districts full of turists in sweatpants and others where you can sit down on a bench and enjoy the fashion show. it's funny how every district in paris has its own character and how some things can only be found in specific areas. fashion is one of those.

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