How to Spend a Rainy Day in Paris

i had a wonderful afternoon today. my mission was to check out what all the fuss was about abercrombie & fitch and maybe get a job out of it. so i took a very nice walk from opera to champ elysees. it was a warm day so quickly i lost the jacket and rolled up the sleeves on my sweater. somewhere on rue saint honore when i was checking the window displays it started to rain. i didn't mind. by the time i got to grand palais it really started to rain so i decided not to queue outside the store but take a quick snack somewhere. tuna sandwich and berry smothie were my "healthy" choice and since the weather was kinda holding up i had a little picnic on the bench.

ok, time to check out abercrombie. i had to queue in the pouring rain for about 10 or 15 minutes so naturaly i was really interested in what this is all about. i heard about it from a girl who works there in london but had to see it for myself. after a gorgeous path with nice green plants that leads to the building a model with an american boyish look and amazing abs greets you. the interior is very dark, the music loud and the smell delicious. it's all very art deco looking, i loved it. there are 4 stories of apparel for women, men and children, which is not really my style. too sporty and simple. nothing special, i think the whole experience is much more popular than the clothes themselves. so about the boys and girls working there. i was expecting half naked men and party of the roof but nothing like that happened. some of the girls were moving a bit, i wouldn't call that dancing. and they are all fully dresses except the guy greeting at the door. so i think the whole concept is like going shopping to a club but i guess today it was just warming up... i'll see... maybe i'll party there somethimes...

after the shop it was a long walk back home. it was raining hard but still i manage to survive without an umbrella. they're not really my thing. if it doesn't rain when i leave the house i won't take it with me. and even when it rains i rather walk without it. i don't know, maybe i'm weird but i enjoy the rain. especialy in paris.

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