In the Studio

shootings in the studio are usualy not as exciting as the ones on location for obvious reasons: the background is plain and white. still, i love the studios in paris. i don't think we have any like this in slovenia, at least i never worked in one. usualy each photographer has it's own somewhere in the bacement of a warehouse or something like that. here a studios are in a big house with big spaces that you can rent. each studio has a lounge area, make up area, wardrobe area, internet access, fridge full of cold drinks,... u know where i'm going with this. it's a pleasure to work in such enviroment.
also for the stylist studio usualy means that clothes have to be that much more special to make the right effect. this time i collaborated with three great and very different designers. the concept was simple. since my last shoot in paris was all black, i wanted color this time. i choose a pastel palette and clothes with sexy sporty feel. the model worked it to perfection.
we rented the studio for 3 hours so i was a bit nervous how we're gonna shoot 6 looks in that time but we were as fast as light. hair and mu were already done in advance what saved us precious time. the photographer was working amazingly fast, but with a model who knows exactly what to do, that's kinda easy. so actualy in those 3 hours we shoot 8 looks and changed hair and make up twice. that's what i call productive and fast. it's always a pleasure working with such a team!

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