From Showrooms to Guest Posts

last day of fashion week... i'm kinda glad it's all over, it means i can focus on other things that need my attention. this next week will be crucial and i'm slowly slipping into panic mode. it's not a great feeling not knowing what's ahead... i have so many possibilities but nothing is certain yet. it can go eather way and that's a bit scary. i'm relying on my bare fortune that somehow things always work out. hope this time will be no exception.
anyway... enough of my personal distress. i wanted to let you know about my guest post on about my visit to the london show room in paris, an amazing display of design creativity from the island. check it out, there are a few really awesome designers that you'll love for sure. also i wrote a little story about my fashion week experience for bonjour paris, a very renown website for foreigners coming to paris. hope it'll get you an inside scoop on how it's like to participate in this fashion madness.

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