It's Always Calm Before the Storm

it's pretty calm in paris right now. most is still on vacation and besides the invasion of turists streets are pretty much empty. the heat wave has passed and soon everything will get back to normal. looking for a job at this moment is quite ineffective, so i'm waiting for september to come.
ugh... september. i hate this word. it has autum writen all over it. but this time i just can help being excited about it, it'll bring so many amazing things. one of which are new collaborations with some really amazing photographers. and let's not forget about fashion week. i miss the fashion madness! too bad i'll probably miss most of it since i'll be interning at the dvf showroom. but i'm sure i'll meet a lot of great ppl that way so that will make up for not running into celebs and stalking models.
also, the magazines we were shooting for between my assistant week will be out. i'm over the roof about that!

here's a little preview of the photoshoot i had this week... can't wait to show you all the photos so stay tuned.

photo: Jaroslaw Ros

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