Presenting: Anita from Life.Style.Fun.

today i'm gonna introduce a very special girl to you, a co-blogger with more karisma than i've ever seen in a person. i meet Anita one year ago at a fashion event in austria where some of the slovene bloggers were invited. she instantly won me over with her warm personality and her unique style. and those two things are exactly what here blog Life.Style.Fun. resembles. the reason i love it so much is her endless creativity with the stylings and clothes itself, it's not a suprise a lot of them she makes herself. her look is a perfect combination of colors and patterns, of vintage and diy. she also makes great accessories and statement jewelry... just now she's having an amazing giveaway on her facebook page, so do check it out!

 this is my favourite piece from the giveaway, love fringes!


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