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i can't sleep (for various reasons, wich i'm not gonna tell). it's past 3am and now i feel a bit like jerry maguire, so i hope what i'm about to write won't bite me in the ass. i got an interesting email from one of my favourite slovenian designers asking me to answer a few questions about fashion blogs for her graduation study. there were two questions that really got me thinking...
one of them was about the difference between slovenian and foreign blogs. of course the difference is vast. slovenia is just not the market for high end brands (who bring in the big bucks), so they don't have any interest in advertising or collaborating with slovenian bloggers. the audience is just to small. i mean, most brands don't even exist there (or online shops don't deliver to slovenia), so how are we supposed to wear or promote them? surely they rather splurge the bloggers that have worldwide followership in numbers that my blog will just never see.
and of course you might say that it's not all just about the brands but lately it just seems so. just look at a few of most popular ones and you'll rarely find one that doesn't include any alexander wang, proenza schouler, isabel marant or prada. oh and let's not forget the hermes bracelets. when you look at the history of some today very popular blogs like style scrapbook for instance, a lot of them started with very mainstream brands like zara and h&m and as their popularity grew, so did the frequency of luxury brands (or was it the other way around?). that's kinda proportional. so are people really following just those blogs which include high end brands? is that the main criteria in all this? i personally would rather see blogers wear stuff i can actually afford, i mean otherwise i would stalk celebrities. bloggers were supposed to be normal people, just like me and you, no? i'm starting to realize that looking at all that stuff is just making me feel bad. and that's not what fashion is about at all. nor blogging. it's not supposed to be about labels but style. but is it?
the other problem i started noticing with this is just that all the popular blogs seem to be getting too much alike. i'm talking about personal style blogs just to be clear about it... they're all consuming same trends and more or less same items. who doesn't jet own the wang ss12 sandals? some of them do maintain their style but is it all getting to boring? are trends and brands taking over the content? or do i just need new blogs in my rss feed?
for me it's really hard to consume trends in that aspect. i mean i really love them (otherwise i wouldn't be a stylist) but just can't seem to adopt them. i got stuck with the style that is sooo 5 seasons ago and can't get out of it (something that duckalicious reminded me of). i just love it too much because i feel most comfortable in. and that what personal style is. so ok, maybe i'm not the most interesting blogger in the world because i can't afford all the fancy brands, don't change my style every 5 minutes and don't go running to zara to grab on every trend but i'm at least staying true to myself. doesn't that count for something?

photo: style scrapbook

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