Birthday Girl

it's my bday tomorrow! i'm so excited! i always make it special and not just my bday, my friends and my loved ones too. my awesome crew is on the way to the airport right now and i can't wait to see them. we have big plans for all 4 days and i just hope the weather holds on. the forcast doesn't look very promising but i' very optimistic since it has never rained for my bday. yeah, never!
so if everything goes as planed we're gonna have a little picnic under the eiffel tower, cruise around the city a bit, chill on the steps of sacre coeur, go to the metro party and end up who knows where... perfect day, don't you think!? some paralel world where i'm not a crazy party animal and would have a sophisticated bday party with tea and cupcakes, this balmain resort 2013 would be a perfect dress. it was the first tought i had when i saw it. just perfect!
but not in my world of course... i'll probably wear a t-shirt that says something like "old & fabulous" and have bunch of balloons tied to my wrist instead of accessories. but that's just how we roll!

have a great weekend everyone, i probably won't be able to post until monday. or better yet tuesday.

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