Philips FW day 2: First Show

the first show of the second day didn`t impress me at all. the designers presenting really weren`t my cup of tea. Urša Drofenik has her signature design with corsets and lots of bling, the princess dresses that are made for miss universe competitions. no real fashion person would ever wear that. i liked a few pieces from Simona Lampe but as a collection it didn`t make an impact. it`s easy forgettable. Maja Štamol suprised me a bit with the prints and a few well made dresses but i disliked the sylings with the jewellry. Ymócion was colorful as always. the question that poped into my head while looking at this collection was: where do the designers get such horrible materials. really? and the shapes are so dated. it`s like dressing a 5 year old. The last show was by Miro Mišljen and anyone who knows him would expect a wacky design. and it was. even the music was wacky. i liked the styling with the caps thow.

there`s a lot of action going on between the shows on twitter. you can fallow all the coments about philips fashion week on #fwlj

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