Follow your Dream

i feel a bit overwhelmed by all the things i have to do in a very short period of time. i decided to give myself 2 months to find a job and an apartment in paris and move there. there`s nothing left for me here in slovenia. i`m gonna follow my dreams and go to my dream city. i`ll send some applications to new york and london as well but just as a backup thing. i have to leave as soon as possible, i feel very limited here with what i want to do and where i want my life to go. slovenia has no opportunities at all.
so all you fab fashion people out there: i`m looking for an internship or an assisting job in fashion. my ultimate goal is to be a fashion editor, so that`s the direction i wanna go to. if u know or hear about anything (paris, new york or london) please let me know. i`ll be eternally grateful!

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