it was the last day of philips fashion week- the after party. i was standing by the bar waiting for my drink. next to me was the fashion editor of slovenian elle wich always seemed quite unapprochable to me. she leans towards me and says: "i think i have your photo from french elle. at least i think it is u." me suprised like i have won the lottery say: "wow, do you have the link to the picture?" and she replays:"no, it`s in print and i think the issue is not sold anymore." at that moment i`m thinking: wooooooot?? that was the most ridiculous conversation i ever had.

it was outside isabel marant i was snapping pictures with my ipad crowding with the other bloggers who didn`t want to miss all the fashionistas coming to the show. suddenly a girl with a camera aproches and says: "hello, can i take your picture?" of course i was a bit suprised by that since my style isn`t the most fashion week glamed it`s more of a "yeah it`s fashion week who cares!". in that excitement stage i completely forgot to ask for who is she shooting. well now i know...

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