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 i entered the Maket HQ styling competition couse frankly who wouldn`t want to win $10.000 worth of clothes. i know it`s a long shot since i`m not the biggest spamer in the world and i don`t have 120.000 readers a month, but if u like my entry and have the will to share it with your friends i will realy appreciate it! vote here...

photo: Ana Gregorič
model: Manca Vodopivec
mu and hair: Studio Minimal
dress: *ninaluba*

...and also: the blog will be completely renewed and rebranded in a next few days. please let me know what is the one thing you would like to see on the "new" blog. i want to make it bigger and better for everyone. i will realy appreciate your oppinion. write a comment or send an email to

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