Paris FW day 8: CHANEL

you know what they say: "save the best for the last" and i did. for my last day in paris it was Chanel! i spend the night on a new location in an amazing apartment on Av. Charles de Gaulle, had a quick coffee and hop to the metro. when i arrived at Grand Palais there was a huge crowd already. paparazzi were covering all the corners and street ends, hunting down the fashionistas. everyone was there, from sartorialist to facehunter, from french to chinese Elle.

the fact that it was cold, windy and raining didn`t bother a lot of people, but still it wasn`t pleasant. i was wearing my fur coat and was wraped in a warm scarf but was still cold so i can only imagine how girls in short dresses, summer sandals and thin jackets felt. everything for fashion! everything for Chanel!

not much was happening before the show, snapping pictures was everyones main occupation, even mine. the funniest thing was watching people try to get in. i mean it`s Chanel, how would you even dare to ask or attempt to sneak inside, don`t you have any respect? when doors closed and the show begun there were still some people with invitations running to see the show. the security was very strict so when a girl was left outside she was on the edge of tears. i think in the end the poor thing got in but i completely understand her despair. i would be so upset with myself if that had happend to me.

after it was all over, it was back to stalking people and snapping photos. still raining and still cold. the most persistant of us where there for almost 3 hours waiting for the models, but there was no sigh of ony of them. i also wanted to see Rachel Zoe but i think she wasn`t in paris this time. only Katy Perry. again! i don`t understand the fascination behind her so i just stood on my spot while everyone else went crazy. and they were even crazier when some male model (have no idea wich) came out, girls were screaming like they were in high school... and they probably were. he even kissed one of them so they went completely nuts. what ever!

so no sign of models, no sigm of Rachel, no Karl (like he would make an aperance right after the show)... it was time for my last walk around paris, my last lunch and coffee at starbucks and my last metro ride. it was actually realy romantic walking in the rain and singing la vie en rose in my mind. it was a beautiful end to my amazing trip. till next time!

in tomorrows post: outfits!

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