Paris FW day 7

my trip was coming to an end so it was time to do some shopping... although i was on a budget i had to buy some souveniers for my loved ones. nothing for me, just for friends and family. i didn`t mind getting nothing for myself, paris was gift enough for me and i tried to treat myself everyday with macaroons, good wine and stuff like that anyway, so who needs gifts...

finding something for my lil bro was a chalenge. he loves japanese/anime stuff so i had to find the right stores. i wondered around Marais and even found some qute vintage/second hand stores but just had a quick look since the shops were packed with shoppers.

after i was hungry and had a quick bite in quick... i tought Chloe show was at 5 but in fact it was at 4 so i hurried to catch the end of the show but arrived to Jardin des Tuileries when everyone already left. oh well... since it was my last night in paris i did what i always do. went to Palais de Chaillot and watched the sundown and the Eiffel tower. it would be so nice if the locals wouldn`t bother me with questions like where am i from and why am i alone there every 2 minutes! but still, the view was making my eyes watery.

for dinner my host called a sushi delivery and we had a nice evening just staying in. i don`t remember when have i ever eaten so good. everything i tried was amazing, even fries in mcdonalds. and the wine! i think this was the first (or maybe the second) time i drank real champagne. mmmmmmmm... bubbly! and with strawberries! yes, my host was amazing... i will tell you more about it in later posts.

tomorrow: Chanel fashion show!

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