Internship: The Cosmo Girl

with my internship in full swing i thought i could share some of the things i got to do for all of you who don't understand a word of our silly language and don't follow my blog on

after the very busy and pumped up fashion week it was calm seas for a few days. i focused on my 9-5 job and writing a blog. after the easter holidays i finally got my next assignment. i need to translate, write and edit a bunch of articles for themed sex and relationships. ironic right? well... a job is a job and a good journalist can write about anything. anything! so here's the first text about sexting...

monday morning we had a meeting with the editor of cosmopolitan and got an assignment to prepare a 16 page employment feature. it will include interviews, articles about our internship experience, a fashion story including our sponsored renault clio, and many more. we get to produce everything by ourselves from scratch. so exciting! also we're gonna prepare a 2 page behind the scene story of a giveaway that features makeovers and a photoshoot with four friends. if you're from slovenia, you can enter the competition here.

may will be packed with learning experiences and great adventures. we got a peak into june, our mentors and sponsors have many surprises in store for us. it will be an adrenaline rush to say the least. i don't want to reveal too much, you'll just need to come back fore more...

after the meeting i had a 101 with the editor of cosmopolitan website. she explained to me what kind of articles they are looking for, which key words are crucial at the moment, we talked about seo and our individual blogs. i learned a few things that will come in handy with the stylist as well but mostly i'm just super proud to be working for cosmopolitan.

today another great thing happened, i went to pick up our renault clio that will be mine to drive for the next few days. it's true what they told us at renault, i fell in love with it after only a few miles and i can't wait to take my girls on a road trip tomorrow.

so far i feel like this internship is the best gift anyone could give me at this moment and i plan to take advantage of it in all the ways possible. too bad i'm not living in the capital at the moment, otherwise i would hang at the editorial office day and night.

photo: @cosmopolitansi, my own

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