What to Wear for Prom?

young girls everywhere are pounding their heads with the most important question of them all "what am i going to wear to my prom?" to everyone's surprise i wasn't one of these girls, i knew exactly what i want to wear. i was a true rebel and there was no way in hell they're gonna stick me in a tacky gown, so i went to my prom in jeans, a pink t-shirt and pink hair. rave on!

i'm not saying you should go against all odds and go to your prom in a tank top, however my point is don't try to be something you're not and wear something just to please your mom or your teachers. there's so many options out there and i'm sure you can find one to make an impact with and at the same time feel comfortable partying the night away.

princess for a day
if you want to feel special on your big day, than go long , flowy and in soft shades. pastels are a big trend this season and with actress lupita nyong'o wearing that gorgeous pastel blue gown to the oscars it's all that girls dream about.

breakfast at tiffany's
it ca be eater modern or very classic. if one day you want to show your kids your prom pictures and still feel great about what you were wearing than classic is the way the go. a timeless dress will last you a lifetime and will inspire you whenever you see the photos. another way to go is a little bit more modern but still clean, like this amazing aq/aq dress with sheer fabrics.

true fashionista
don't want to leave your fashion believes at the door just because it's a glamorous event? these dresses are both very in trend as well as prom appropriate. you don't need to go too serious about it anyway, high school is a time of fun and your prom should resemble just that. choose a fun, flirty and youthful dress that you can wear for other occasions as well.

on the safe side
if you're not too sure about what to wear for your prom or are simply overwhelmed by all the choices it's always safe to go with the little black dress. anyone can pull it off, it's classic and appropriate. the good thing is that you'll be able to wear this dress anytime after your prom, paired with some leggings or a blazer. make sure to accessorize and make it your own.

dare to be different
if classic is not your style than go loud and bold. choose a bright color, shinny embellishments or a totally different style, like this pink dress made out of hundreds of little paper pieces. this is the look for girls that don't give a rats ass about other people's opinion and are always true to themselves. you go girl!

wearing the pants
wouldn't be caught dead in a dress? no problem! there's no law about it anyway so if you don't feel comfortable wearing a dress (just like i didn't at the time) than simply go with pants.you can be just as glamours wearing a nicely tailored suit or maybe a jumpsuit. eater choose a festive color/pattern or go classic with black and white and make sure to accessorize extravagantly. 

whichever option you choose, remember prom is all about having fun and recognizing your youth, so don't go to serious about it, don't go for tacky prom dresses, not too short or too reveling (your teachers are there as well) and just play with it. have a great prom night!

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