Bedroom Redecorating: White, Airy and with Character

among other things spring is the perfect time to redecorate. since my room was never fully decorated i think it's time to do just so. when my parents build the house my room was the last thing on the to do list since i wasn't living here and only visited once in a while. with the new job and everything it looks like i'll be staying for a while therefore my bare walls could really use come paint.

the space is really small and to make life even more difficult it's in the attic. that means i have to be really clever with how i fill out the space. my bed takes most of the space but otherwise i want to make it as bare and airy as possible. the only thing i'm sure of is the white walls and white wood ceiling, possibly combined with some blacks, grays and natural wood elements. the only color are gonna be the pink soles on my shoes.

the furniture i have now was custom built and looks very artificial if you know what i mean. i want to fill my room with furniture that has some character, with flea market finds and cleverly used materials you can find around the house. and believe me, we have a ton of those.

other things on my decor wishlist are a big mirror, some faux fur, new lighting, plants that aren't gonna die after a week and new linen.

i really look forward to this project...

photos: pinterest, my ideal home, ema's design blogg, lola + leopold

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