PFW Diary: Runway Crashers

day 4 of men`s fashion week in paris was very busy, starting with the songzio show, a south korean brand designed by zio song. now the whole fashion week i was observing all the kids that were crashing fashion shows and towards the end it was kind of getting out of control. almost every show there were some that persisted at the door for so long until the pr people let them in and at songzio show i had some very loud girls jiggling and taking selfies right behind me. i don`t mind letting people in without invitation but c`mon have some respect. i understand you`re happy to be a part of it and it`s probably your first show u ever attended so taking pictures makes sense but do it with some class would you. also letting kids that have absolutely nothing to do with fashion to see the new collection presentation isn`t really fair to all those people from the industry who asked for an invitation but didn`t get it. 
anyway... back to the show. the thing i liked about this collection was the mixture of fabrics and all the shades of black they created. the design itself was not revolutionary or anything like that but the suits made out of something that resembled rubber were great. 
after songzio i jumped on the shuttle and enjoyed the drive through the city. the next show was tilmann lauterbach, a parisian-based brand with german roots. my invitation got lost in the mail so i was pretty much left to the mercy of the girl at the entrance. i joined all the crashers which felt a bit well... disgraceful. at least i had the decency to talk to the pr girl and asked her if she would be so kind to let me in. it worked and i was at the show. i liked the location and the harsh german soundtrack accompanied by very strict designs that were here and there interrupted by neon orange. i also liked the badass boots with neon caps, wouldn`t mind owning a pair. all in all the collection was very wearable, a mix of casual pieces and indispensable suits.
while in paris a sushi lunch is a necessity, i finally had enough time to sit down and have something else than junk food. it`s hard to maintain normal eating habits while at fashion week which could be a whole other topic for the blog. i`m sure everyone that`s ever attended knows what i`m talking about. after lunch was the icosphere show that inspired us all with evening wear that was kind of royalty vampire like. amazing tailoring and details that kept surprising like tying around the neck instead of the usual bow ties. a modern take on what was supposed to be a pretty classic collection. loved it.
following icosphere was the miharayasuhiro presentation at his showroom. if you thought that what i described happened at songzio show was crazy than you`ll think this is border line incomprehensible. showroom presentation usually last much longer than runway shows, meaning all the guests evenly spread over the event but that was not the case here. everyone squeezed against the entrance like there was no tomorrow. there was no way i was going to participate in this jostling, i waited for quite a while if the crowd will calm down and just walked away when there was no sign of that happening any time soon. it left me quite shocked, it`s crazy to what length some people would go to get to the show. i mean i love fashion and i`m happy brands get me that privilege of attending their presentations but i would not throw my dignity away just for the sake of getting in. that was also poor organisation on the brands side. i think it could be handled much better. 

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