What Fashion Designers Wear

in continuation of the popular post "what models wear" i wanted to analyze the key looks that take a bow at the end of our favorite fashion shows. surprisingly designers outfits are pretty casual, safe and let`s be honest boring if we consider how creative and extravagant some of their collections are. however there are a few exceptions to that rule, the ones that inspire us with their work as well as their personal style. what strikes me as a bit of a surprise is that although they create trends for us to wear they don`t really adopt them themselves.

in the safe zone
jeans, t-shirt and blazer combo seems to be an uniform to many designers but one sure made it a definition. watching project runway you couldn`t miss out on the obvious. michael kors was wearing the same thing every single time. he became known for his simple style that consists of black pants, black t-shirt and (hold your horses) black blazer. sometimes spiced with black shades.

doing their own thing
there are some designers that have their signature style which became iconic. you all know who i`m talking about, it`s no other than karl lagerfeld. you can see his shade and you will still recognize him, that`s how famous his look is. high collar shirt, wide tie in combination with a necklace, big black shades, moto gloves and a suit. no one can pull it off like karl.

suited up
going trough archive of designers photos you can`t imagine how many of them stick to the classic suit. female as well as male. i dont mind a nice suit with some accessories what disappointed me was some of the designers compromising on their personality to stuck it in a suit. i`m talking about marc jacobs. only a few men can pull of a skirt like marc used to.

fashion rebellions
every now and then designers want to show how humorous they are by wearing funky prints or let us know where they stand politically by wearing different slogans. although the latter were more popular in the nineties you can still find some that want to let us know they care, they have a voice and they`re creative when it comes to their personal style.

models of their own designs
it`s not as common as one would suspect but some designers love to wear their own collections. it makes sense no, to design clothes you want to wear. one of them is donatella which personalizes her designs to perfection. also in this category are victoria bechkam, diane von furstenberg, the olsen twins and others...

going to the tracks
boooring! some designers make me question their credibility with their sense of style... million dollar question: "where is phillip lim going after the show?"

setting trends themselves
gosh, i didn`t think finding designers with good style would be such a task. forget the lads you have to run to the ladies for a breath of fresh air. i always adored frida giannini`s style, i think victoria beckham is always classy but keeping it interesting and let`s all not forget the stylist turned designer rachel "bananas" zoe.

photos: style.com, savoir flair and vogue

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