One Day at a Time

i`ve been having a weird couple of days, a kind of post holiday depression with the difference that i pretty much ignored the holiday charade. so what is it then? i guess january just has that in him, the "i should be making grand plans" kind of feel. well... fuck it! nothing has changed, we just ditched the 3 and put 4 on the dance floor as google sees it. our lives are not dramatically going to change just because we decided to stop counting at 12/31 and start with 1 again. and guess what.... i suck at making plans. rarely anything ever goes as planed so why bother?
it`s again that i find myself in this transition stage where i just finished one chapter of my life and i`m waiting to start another. i hate this feeling but at the same time there`s not much i can do about it other than wait. wait! ugh, i hate the word alone! make me wait forever and you have the definition of hell. so... what`s the solution here? start making plans although you know it`s like wrapping dog poo in a gift wrapping paper? resolve the matter in an excessive drinking problem? or just tuck yourself under the blanket and sleep trough the whole month? you wanna know what i`m gonna do? i`m gonna snap out of it, put some bob marley on, go trough my stash of fashion magazines, do my manicure and pretend like i`m on vacation. one day at a time. because i know that in the end, everything is gonna be alright...

photo: ana gregorič

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