A Week of Fashion in One Carry On

another one of those days when i have million things to take care of and somehow make the impossible possible and pack a whole week of fashion week outfits in one carry on suitcase. can u imagine how optimistic i was when booking my flight tickets that i didn`t check the box for a 23 kg suitcase. i really hate low budget airlines for this reason, luggage is never included in the price. and because my enthusiasm totally blinded my mind i`ll have to rely on my packing skills. thankfully ryanair added an extra bag to the carry on so i can stuff some of the things in my satchel.
i was reviewing my outfit options ever since i booked the trip, trying to make it as economic as possible, interesting enough to turn some heads and staying true to my style all at the same time. it`s a pickle! hope everything will work out as i imagined it and i succeed in packing it all in 55 x 40 x 20. this is how i imagined my outfits... well, more or less.

photos: stockholm streetstyle, gypsy gardens, tommy ton, models jam, lenard kirbiš

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