What Models Wear

models off duty have become one of the top inspirations when it comes to style. unlike fashion editors, bloggers and other fashionistas their style is way more simple, the beauty of it being that you can find all these pieces already hanging in your closet. the catch is how you combine these pieces together, resulting in a fresh, effortless and edgy look. but don`t be fooled, models have the special power to make even most unappealing pieces seem like the hottest trend.
here`s a few you can borrow from the fashion muses without looking like a charity case.

1. backpacking
i havent owned a backpack since middle school but come to think about it, model do have a point here. how many times have u found yourself annoyed with your purse because you needed to operate with both hands? backpacks are so much more practical when you`re on the go.

2. overalls
can you remember when overalls were a trend? me neither. i remember wearing them as a kid (when i had no say in my wardrobe selection) but i can`t imagine wearing them as an adult. you just can`t take one serious, can you. unless they`re a size 0 and make u melt with their glance.

3. jeans on jeans
after britney and justin no one has ever imagined anyone could make jeans on jeans look cool again. well if anyone could, it would be the models.

4. peak a boo
if you have a drop dead gorgeous body there`s no harm in showing it, right? cropped tops were a hit in the 90s and if anyone can translate the era of grunge into modern today it`s the models. combined with shorts and a leather jacket make it look sporty and chic.

5. black widow
black seems to be everyone`s favorite and models sure know how to make it their own. there`s always an it piece that stands out, weather it`s a really cool jacket or an asymmetrical skirt, black outfits are never boring.

6. running gear
models are all about comfort. it`s the counterbalance to what they have to wear on the runways and the only reasonable choice when running from show to show.

7. multifunctional shirts
a piece that hasn`t got a lot of attention in the past seasons has become the ultimate piece when it comes to multifunctionality. it`s so easy to just tie it around your waist and wear it when it chills out, models show us how to wear it best.

8. the uniform
in a models dictionary we could find a uniform defined as a pair of skinny jeans, a simple t-shirt and a leather jacket. the magic is in the styling: tucked in shirt, rolled up sleeves, adding a pair of ray bans and an it bag under the arm.

9. all star
ok, i admit! all stars are cool on anyone, not just models.

photos: tommy ton & stockholm streetstyle

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