More Awesome Stuff from 2013!

if the first part of the 2013 in review didn`t make you jealous, hope this one will do the trick!
in the second half of my ship adventure i started to struggle a lot with just about every little thing but in spite being it a case of "i can`t take it any more, i`m gonna swim home" now i can only remember the good times we had. who would have thought!

happy bday july!
celebrating the day that your mother pushed you out of her womb is quite challenging when you live on a cruise ship, but my boyfriend made it as special as one can with such limited resources. i even got a birthday cake! i`ll never forget watching the most beautiful sunrise trough the tinny window in his cabin. the rest of the day was just as amazing, but i already bragged about it in the stockholm post.

travelin` august
when i think about now it seems like i had a movie like summer. every day a different city that you visited just enough times so you already have your favorite places picked out. vapiano - the best place for pizza in tallin, østergade street in copenhagenplanet sushi for the best japanese in sankt petersbourg, gallerian for the shopping delight in stockholm and aleksanterinkatu street for strolling around helsinki. there are so many great memories from each of these cities, too many to write all down so you`ll just have to stay tuned for my stylish traveler posts for all the scoops.

merci septembre!
i was counting down the days and finally on september first we docked in my favorite port le havre. paris was just a train ride away. or so we thought. on ships nothing ever goes as planned and so we stood in a line to disembark while the local authorities were doing everything in their power not to let us on land in time. of course mr murphy fucked everything up and our train left without us. determinant to get to paris we collected our "change" and took the most expensive taxi ride ever. nothing was to keep me away from having breakfast on the steps in front of sacre coeur. oh the unspeakable joy when i say that view after almost a year! i almost peed my pants! we had the perfect day ahead of us. well... 4 hours to be exact but in those 4 hours we squeezed a days of adventure. we shopped for macaroons, walked around montmartre, checked if i still master the metro, kissed in front of the louvre and last but not least had an amazing picnic at champs de mars with some of my old friends. it was a fairy tale day for two fresh lovers.
in adittion to paris, september made us drunk with guinnes in dublin, we swam in blue lagoon in iceland, had a perfect day on faroe islands and finally touched down in usa. september sure served with the goods to crown him as the month to be most envious about, right?

welcome october
oh canada, oh canada, your maple leaf is so beautiful! i˙ll never forget my first time in the land of beavers and hockey... i had to go to the dentist. which actually turned out to be the nicest and lest frightening dentist experience ever. it was then and there that i learned canadians are the nicest people in the world. where ever we went we got free coffee and muffins and just the warmest welcome ever. the ports were somewhat boring but the people were a delight. so everything you heard about canadians is true, trust me!
unfortunately we had a strange schedule so i only got to visit our embarcation port once but i made it a good one. if you think of boston what comes to your mind? harvard and red sox i hope and so we put our tourist face on and visited the harvard campus. you see, now i can say i went to harvard!

goodbye november
it couldnt turned out better even if we planned it! i sure said goodbye to my ship life in style with my last cruise being a 13 day re-positioning to the caribbean. fuck yeah! the first time around i had all the stupid training on top of a very busy schedule so i didnt enjoy the caribbean like it deserves to so this time i had to make it memorable. beaching on barbados, st. kitts and aruba, those were my favorite moments by far. after all it would be a disgrace to come back to gloomy slovenia without a tan. it was hard to kiss my boo goodbye but after 8 months i really needed to lock myself in a room and not talk to anyone for a few days.

beat it already, december!
i`m so done with december ready for the new year and new adventures. its funny because i know my life is going to change drastically but i dont have even a remote idea of what its gonna look like. am i going to join my bf in chile, are we moving to us, am i going to find my happiness right here? no clue!
in spite december having a sour taste it was good to be back in my own skin. reuniting with my team and working on a photo shoot was just what i needed.

last photo: luka brataševec

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