Fair Winds and Godspeed, Yo ho ho and a Bottle of Rum

in my mind i have changed the beginning of this post about a hundred times already. it should start with a boom and a mandatory omg moment but then again my excitement faded a little bit since thursday night when i finally got THE email and almost shit my pants. you can imagine me jumping and screaming cause that's exactly what happened. my parents downstairs thought it was an earthquake to say the least. nope, it's just me finally being assigned to a ship. aside from the fact that i finally know where i'll be sailing i was thrilled as a pop corn machine because i thought i'd be on my way to puerto rico at this exact moment. obviously i'm still sitting firmly on my ass that aches of some unexplained pain and cherishing my last days with unlimited wifi... nothing ever goes as planned at least not when it comes to image group and it's logistics. it's like they're sending us on mars. i bet nasa has less medical exams than ship's crew members do. but ok... i guess it's important to know if i have a steady balance. gosh how many drunk nights come to mind at this point...

so you're probably wondering where i'll be making a fool of myself for the next 8 months... some serious ship will go down, i promise you that! ok, enough with the comedy routine... after a few more days ashore next saturday i'll finally board on my new home "brilliance of the seas" in san juan. i'll be sailing around the caribbean (virgin islands, antigua, guadaloupe, st. lucia, barbados,...) till mid april than i'll transfer to the queen of all ships an ocean liner queen mary 2.  it's like the almighty gods of the seas with their tri-iPads* heard my rum jokes and wishful thinking upon which they decided to send me to the promise land. i just can't wait to get into my pirate costume and "ohoy matey" the shit out of guests. yes, photographers also have to wear silly costumes to get attention and pose with guests which is actually what i really look forward to since i'm a native pirate speaker. rum drinker too (well actually rum is one of the rare alcohol beverages i can't even smell let alone drink)! anyway... back to the ship... QM2 is an ocean liner so guess what? i'll be crossing oceans a lot. atlantic ocean the be precise. my route will mainly be hamburg - southampton - nyc and back with a few cruises to norway and it's north cape, scotland, ireland, belguim and new england in canada. my german was obviously convincing enough even though i didn't practice it since ever actually. my skype interview with an elderly german gentleman was so funny! at first he didn't get the time difference between miami and slovenia so we immediately start laughing, ha ha ha. at the end i barely understood some questions but i faked it and i made it.
hamburg - southampton - ncy. i'll make sure to find lovers in all these ports. it's not as exotic as cruising around south america, asia and polynesia but it's exciting enough for the first contract (not referring to lovers). i'll actually be in nyc for my birthday and i couldn't wish for anything more. the ships dock in the middle of manhattan how crazy is that!!? can't wait to stroll down times square and chase the squirrels in central park for eating my hot dog. you know, do everyday things in freakin new york city!!

so... only a few more days my dear readers and than this blog will have some serious vacation time. it was about time, no? well i hope you weren't bored with it too much and you'll come back even if the closest i'll get to fashion we'll be the delightful prom queen inspired dresses on formal nights. i'll try to update as much as possible but i'm not promising any miracles as i'll have many sea days aka days with no horizon and even worse no internet connection!!. i don't want to spam the blog with crazy ship life, juicy crew stories and awesome destination photos anyway... if you're interested in all that nonsense make sure you follow me on instagram, where i'll be posting all of that more frequently. if you're already nosy about how this shit ...ups! ship thing looks like, check out the links in this post. also... i will fucking miss you like crazy!!

* tri-iPad is a mighty device - a fusion of tripod and ipad, a genius idea by me and my fellow cruise ship photographer. don't steal it though, poseidon will get mad!

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