Paris - Where all the Magic Happens

it's that time of the season again - paris fashion week. it's killing me that after two amazing fashion week experiences this time i'll be clicking trough the images pretending to know the story behind them. oh if only i had known i'd still be safely ashore at this time i'd book the flight months ago. i was so sad every time an invite popped in my inbox... i can only imagine all the amazing shows i would be able to sneak into not caring if it's the second, sixth or fourteenth row. third time is the charmed they say and with all the lovely people i meet in paris i'm sure this time it would all play in my favor. maybe, just maybe i could even take a peek at some of the venues where only the someones from the industry get to rsvp. like one of my all time favorites balmain or the gorgeous lanvin, the amazing stella mccartney, oh and of course dior.
even just being in the city while it all happens is an experience of it's own. strolling down the rue royale and bumping into models, sharing the metro to the jardin des tuileries with an english filming crew and some very fab fashionistas, meeting people trough hashtag pfw, having coffee every time you can squeeze 5 minutes in between the shows, observing all the craziness and excitement that happens outside the shows and skipping a beat every time you spot anja rubik. yes... paris is where all the fashion magic happens!

photo: streetfsn

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