Outfit: Closet Treasures

when it comes to taking outfit pics countryside can really be an awful background especially in winter. that's one of the reasons i don't take photos as much as i used to. other reason is i don't have anything new to show you. i haven't shopped for clothes in almost a year. a year!!! my uniform doesn't count. anyway... the main star of this outfit is the army jacket which was found in my brothers closet. on tuesday we took upon a little project - cleaning his room. i think it was the first time since he moved in 10 years ago. while cleaning his closet i found 3 pairs of army pants that don't fit him anymore (yaaay for me!!) and this amazing jacket. supposedly my ex gave it to him but that information is not confirmed. me loving all the army stuff (have i ever told you the story of me joining the army??) i had to snap a few photos. i'll probably be visiting my brothers closet more frequently from now on.

iWear: slovenian army jacket, t-shirt smog, jeans topshop, boots topshop, no name belt, name tag necklace from slovenian army

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