Manicure: Amateur vs. Professional

as for many things i'm a simple girl even when it comes to nails. i always do my own manicure and usually use one color - yeah boring, but i couldn't care less. my favorites are black, burgundy, neon green and skin tone. yesterday i thought i could spice it up a bit and color the tips of my nails in burgundy, just like the picture below. i used french manicure guideline stickers that i bought about 5 years ago and never used (i think that says it all!) but they weren't sticking to my nails at all and the manicure turned out awful... that's what i get for trying something different.

in other nail related news: our make up queen from sfumato make up is now also a nail artist at gelish studio in ljubljana. as i said a million times now i'm all for simple but these manicures she did for the studio are just astonishing. be sure to check them out!!
photo: ana gregorič
mu and nails: sfumato make up
models: barbara sorčič, saraja šribar, mateja klemše and teja blatnik

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