The Right Dress for Sexy Curves

after doing a post on the best party dresses for the holiday celebrations a friend asked me to do one on dresses for full figures. when looking for dresses that would best fit a curvy body i found that asos has the best selection. their curvy line isn't just a bit bigger in size but their dresses are designed specifically to look good on curves. so here are some do's and don'ts on selecting the right dress for your party...

* select a dress that accentuate your waist
* accentuate parts of the body you're confident about
* wear a belt
* select a length that is right above your knees
* bicolor dress will create a slimmer line
* wear a full or a-line skirt

* wear big patterns and horizontal lines
* go overboard with details
* wear shiny materials
* wear a dress that is too tight or too short

photos: asos

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