All On Board!

i've been back home for 3 weeks now and let me just say they've been long 3 weeks. moving from a city with population of 2 million to my parents house on countryside with exactly 5 residents is pretty overwhelming or in other words you get bored very easily. when i was still in paris and already dried out all my founds i had to come up with a plan: "what next?". i actually didn't give it that much thought since i already knew i want to change my life, start something new and exciting. basically same thing as made me come to france. it was clear i won't be staying in slovenia for obvious reasons - it's impossible to find any kind of job now, let alone make a career out of it. so what to do and where to go to make money, travel and still stay creative. the decision was clear!
i actually didn't want to write about this until it would be down to the wire, but i'm way into it now so i think it won't do me any harm if i get you guys updated. those of you who follow me on twitter know already anyway. ok, so i've been through the process, all the interviews, all the tests and the only thing still waiting for me is a medical exam which will probably be next week. they loved my portfolio which was kinda hard to put together, they had some concerns about my tattoos, they heard i master english and most importantly they saw my drive... when i got the congratulations email i was trilled! curious what i'll do? well... when the waiting stage of this process will be over (which can last everything from a few days to a few months) i'll be cruising around the world as a staff photographer. pretty awesome, huh? as i said i don't know yet when or where i'm going, it all depends on which ship they'll assign me to, all i know is that in those 8 months my life will change completely.
i already got some questions what i'll do with the blog. honestly i have no idea. the internet connection on ships is usually very slow and very expensive so i'm not sure i would be able to update. or if i'll even have any material to post. also i don't want to change this blog into something that it's not - like some kind of travel diary. maybe i'll start a new one just for the time being... i'll see. in the meantime the blog will operate as usual.
so all that's left now is to wait for that email...

photo: one from my portfolio

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