Philips Fashion Week SS13

this week ljubljana hosted the slovenian fashion week where young talents and experienced designers showed their collections for spring and summer 2013. i was kinda sad not to sit there with my fellow bloggers but i did get the front row via livestream. those of you who follow me on twitter already know which designers i adored and which were not my favourites... here's the selection of designers that knocked my socks off:

my jaw literally dropped when i saw this collection. not only because it's amazing but because the designer really surprised me. usualy she's very clasic and i hate to say boring but this time she hit the jackpot with the moroccan theme, use of asymmetrical cuts, light materials and of course leather.

Eric Matyash
former mem couture label now known as eric matyash totally satisfied my high expectations. i do love the proportions and lady gaga from "paparazzi" inspiration. 

jelena and svetlana proković continue to amaze us. i love the tribal meets alien theme. the collection is detailed to perfection and although it's a bit dark for spring and summer, use of accessories kinda makes up for that.

Nataša Hrupič
i wasn't that blown away with the clothes as i was by the jewelry. i must say that as a stylist most of the collection on philips fashion week were really poorly styled and would look much more appealing with a bit of creativity in that field. this collection is definitely an exception. the huge neck pieces and cube bracelets are gorgeous.

Ana Jelinič
relaxed and perfectly styled. although i see some similarity with nataša peršuh ss12 i can't not love it. the oversized shirt dress is a great piece and who doesn't love those cute hats?

Peter Movrin
save the best for the last. my computer died right before the livestream of movrin and i was reasonably pissed. it took a few hours before i saw the show and i looooved it. some people compare him to mcqueen but i think this is totally movrin. the theme, the shapes, the use of materials, everything is there to impress.


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