The End of Assistant Diaries

after the photoshoot there is still a lot to be done... on saturday i was writing credits for the magazines, which took a good 2 hours of a beautiful sunny day. what has to be done, isn't hard they say... i also worked on sunday, which i wasn't happy about, but since i thought it would take max 2 hours to pack everything and get it ready for the return i was kinda fine with it. 2 hours my ass! it was 4 hours of packing, checking if we have everything and preparing for the return. i was a bit pissed to be missing probably the last sunday this summer, but that wasn't all...oh no! of course the day couldn't go by without any complications. apparently i lost a bra. i had no idea we even had it! it was my bosses and i was not the one to unpack it on set, nor did i ever see it being used or anything. shit! i was hearing about it the whole day.
monday morning started with the return of jewelry and continued in the office with finnishing credits and handling shopping return. still no sign of the bra. it wasn't in the studio so there was little hope of getting it back. awesome! a great way to conclude my work here... i was not happy about it and neither was my boss. loosing things is probably one of the worst "attributes" an assistant can have.
anyway... this is probably the end of assistant diaries, at least for now. the usual assistant is back from vacation and that means i'm not needed anymore. unless someone else hires me... please hire me! i promise i won't lose things... actualy i got the bra back today, so everything's good!

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