A Foreigner in Paris

i'm starting to strugle and more and more i feel like carrie when she moved to paris. not so much alone as out of place for not understanding the language. i'm looking for a job here for almost 5 months now and i would get it in a second if only i spoke french. i didn't expect it would be this difficult. if i knew i would definitely stay home a little longer and learn french in the meantime. but it is what it is...
i'm always so close to getting it and then comes the email with "i'm sorry we need someone fluent in french". and not just in fashion, i tried everything. i have one more card up my sleeve and if that doesn't work, it's via slovenia. and believe me i really don't want to go back... not for any other reason than to visit that is. it sucks, couse i'm trying so hard and nothing seems to work. anyway... cross your fingers that something works out!

...and some of more cheerful news: i have another photoshoot coming up next week, first invitations for fashion week are coming in and paris is still the most beautiful city in the world!

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