Behind the Scene: Noir Doré

it took me two months to finally commit and style a photoshoot... it's hard when u're in a new city and u don't have contacts, don't know the designers and have no relations with pr offices. those things are all crucial when working as a stylist. so finally i got an offer i couldn't refuse. the timing was not perfect (with everyone still being on vacation) but i made it work. h&m was kind enough to let me in their showroom and lent me pieces from their new collection. shopping there was so much fun, no stress and running around the store like i used to in slovenia. being a stylist in paris is a whole other experience and people seem to look at you different too. they respect and appreciate stylists, unlike in slovenia when many times i got the feeling we are redundant.
ok, the photoshoot. theme was "noir doré", black clothing and gold accessories, very baroque. pont alexandre III was the perfect setting for it. i was in love with the model even before we started shooting but when she turned on her magic, i was totally blown away. she worked the clothes and embodied the theme to perfection. the fact that there were crowds of people staring and taking photos of us, didn't bother her even a bit, she was working it like a real pro. i would probably freeze!
and the most funny thing happened... 5 minutes after we arrived at location and were still preparing, another team appeared with tons of equipment.  i mean, the photographer had like 6 assistants. we were stunned! i was thinking: ok, so now gisele will appear and we'll look like some children playing next to them. well, that didn't happen, thanks god. they were shooting something commercial (looking from the stylings and models) so our fashion shoot with the crew of 4 actually looked pretty badass. passers-by seemed to enjoy it too. and everytime we changed location, they seemed to follow us. yes, we took all the good spots!
all in all the shoot went great, we had nice weather (except for some wind here and there), no problems on set  and improvising has yet again tourned out to be a great strategy...

little preview from the shoot... check out more "making of photos" on instagram: @thestylistblog

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