Beachin in Paris

so summer finally decided to pay us a visit here in paris, yay! it's been quite hot today and it's getting even hotter tomorrow. i can finally wear shorts and try to find some flip flops or sandals at the sales (or am i a bit delusional about that?) but not the best time to break my sunnies... today i've been to one of most beautiful parks here in paris parc des buttes chaumont with a friend i meet here and we were quite suprised about the amount of people sunbathing just in their undies. not bathing suits, underwear. is that how french do it? anyways... i'll give my swimsuit a test drive this weekend when the banks of seine are transformed into a sandy beach. yeah... u heard me right, i'll be beaching in the middle of paris. oh, i love this city!
i was actually trying to find some nice swimsuits for this post but i gave up after going trough asos, there was just nothing that caught my eye, not for the right reasons at least. so many of them where wrong on so many levels, i won't even try to go there (it's a story for a whole new post). so for today i'll just show you my essentials for going around the city and from this weekend forward to the beach...

map i still need to check out wich metros do i need to take from time to time navigo card easy access to the metro sunglasses broken, need new ones wallet empty most of the time- paris is not cheap business cards never know who you meet cigarettes paris makes me smoke - i know it's bad water i take it everywhere i go, i even flattened the bottle to carry it more easy lip gloss the only cosmetic product i always carry with me iphone it's not on the pic but is my most important essential

...well i'm off to a photoshoot now, so stay tuned for an outfit post!

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