Only a Week Away

since i had quite a wild weekend i had to catch up on my work today... yes, i still have a few deadlines before i leave. and let me tell u writing on a laptop with broken ventilation while it's 34°c outside isn't exactly what i would call fun. anyway... i wanted to write an update on things this morning but since my late wake up it had to wait untill now.
soooo... my last week in slovenia! lot's of things to do. i've been checking job offers and apartment ads almost every day, still didn't find anything. but i'm very positive. almost everyone i talked to that lives or lived in paris told me it's gonna be much easier to find both when i'm there. the important thing is i have a place to stay when i arrive and for everything else, i'll just make it work. i always do.

here's my TO DO list before i go:
¤ check in to my flight
¤ have a goodbye party for all my friends
¤ still have to sell my car
¤ possibly find a job/apartment
¤ go to the seaside
¤ do a few more french courses
¤ unlock my phone
¤ make bussines cards
¤ pack my whole life into two suitcases

photo: tumblr

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