Au Revoir

this time in exactly two weeks i'll probably be packing the last bits of my life and slowly heading to the airport. i can't believe time passed so quickly. my emotions about leaving have changed drastically through this time... don't get me wrong i'm still excited and happy to leave but in the last few weeks i really bonded with some of my friends so i'm gonna miss them loads! i know i'm gonna make new friends but no one can replace my "awesome crew".
everyone i talked to about my departure has told me i have balls for doing this. really? i don't see it like that at all. i would say it's quite the opposite: people must have balls to stay in this country with no perspective whatsoever. i mean, i want to do something with my life and not settle down for a boring 9 to 5 job. no way! i say that would take some balls...
also i've been asked if i have a plan about what i'm going to do there. why should i have a plan? i mean my plan is the same wherever i am in the world, why should that change with location? i want to succeed in what i'm doing and enjoy my life as much as i can wether in paris, ljubljana or bangladesh. of course there are the little things too but they are the same as if i was living in slovenia: find a great job, great apartment, great friends and have the time of my life.

photo: tumblr

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