A Slovenian Girl in Paris

today while i was pressing "send" to the 138th email (yes i was searching for contacts and sending emails all day long and i'm not even close to being done) i tought for a brief moment about the content of my emails and what was i trying to achieve. i felt like my only role model i ever had - Carrie when she first arrived to nyc to make her dreams come true. she probably didn't promote herself like this or maybe she did... emails were a huge thing back then. anyway, much like her it would be my dream to be a contributing writer for a well established magazine. sex and shoes? yes, please! i actualy never tought about sex and the city in this way but today in that one moment my "life to be" seemd just like the tv show. and who could mind that?!
it all came down to the last episode... i hope it doesn't end like that for me too... or is that exactly what i want?

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