Packing for Paris

yesterday i packed my first suitcase for paris. my brother is going on a eurotrip and since he's stoping in paris i bagged him to drop it there for me. i mean this was a true pain in the ass. it was impossible to choose what clothes i won't miss for a month and what i'll definitely need in when i come there. it came down to a few towels, autum jackets, warm socks, clutch bags, few t-shirts, jeans and 5 pairs of shoes. man, i have a lot of shoes!

as i'm counting down the days and thinking about all the thing i have to do untill my departure i'm getting more and more nervous and excited at the same time. sometimes i wish i could just leave right this second so i wouldn't have to deal with it. well i guess the day will arrive sooner than i imagine anyway.

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