Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels

since i wasn`t running around each day with loads of shopping bags in my hands my unhealthy diet became a problem. before it was ok to eat all the junk because i balanced it out with my active life. everything changed this winter and the result was feeling crapy about my body. something had to change. i decided to go with a diet according to my blood type and for a whole month i was very strict. it worked and i was feeling good again. then i came home to my mothers cooking. my month of healthy eating and denying junk food went out the window in just two days! i felt like crap again! so again i had to do something. i started a detox week with food that cleans the body of all the unhealthy habbits and lots of exercise. yesterday 4 hour hike was just the beggining... hope i`ll see some results soon!

so saying all this, i`m curious do you also have remnants of winter on your body and how do you maintain your figure?

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