Fashion Show: Paris la Nuit

i`m still not my usual self since the saturdays show. it was crazy! working backstage can be hectic, stressful and chaotic but super fun and exciting at the same time. my part was to style the maxi collection with 8 men`s and 10 women`s looks, help other designers with their styling and keep the backstage together. since i didn`t get my clothes untill just 2 hours before the show and still had to fit the models i kinda didn`t have time for anything else at the end. i tried my best and hope it turned out great. i still didn`t see any photos from the event so i can only process what the visitors have told me. so far the reviews have been awesome!
i would like to thank the organisator who included me in the event - Simon you`re awesome for doing this and all the models who wore my stylings - you were all amazing!!
i didn`t have time to take any pictures, i`ll post more when i get the official ones...

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