Backstage with Clea & Kim

i`m still waiting for the photos from paris la nuit (hope you`re not completely bored with them yet) so in the meantime i`ll post some other projects i`ve done in the past weeks. i already told you about the music video shoot i did with two amazing girls clea & kim. i actualy didn`t know who they were, we met right there and then on the set so it was quite difficult working and styling someone you don`t really know. usually it takes weeks or at least days of preparations. they had their own clothes to style so that was a pity since i could have arranged a whole wardrobe if i knew about the shoot in advance. however i made the best from the given situation and i think it turned out great. can`t wait to see the video!

here are some photos from the backstage...

photos 2,3 and 5 by UroŇ° Gracar

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