Paris FW day 4

there was a lot of running around today. first i went in front Christian Dior show. if Balmain was madness then Dior was apocalyptic. I have never seen this many paparazzi (and i once saw Madonna in Paris)... they were screaming like crazy and one even slaped his fellow photographer. crazy! i couldn't stand the crowd so i went to Isabel Marant early. it was less crazy but still a bit ridiculous. i was hunting for Freja but it seems that she's not even doing the shows. hope i'm wrong!
i had just enough time to do a quick stop at Sonia Rykiel and then run to my second show Amaya Arzuaga. i waited outside for more than an hour but was in the end left outside together with 50 or more people. we all had invitations so u can imagine how some of them were pissed! me included! i was freezing so that was it for me. it was time to go home.

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