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first real post on my new blog. i have a million questions for u, but u can be a darling and answer just one: what do u think of it? i would realy appreciate the feedback!
i`m in a realy weird place right now, where change is inevitable. i want to change my hair, my wardrobe, my eating habits, i already changed my blog... i don`t know maybe it`s just spring or maybe i got bored of myself.
ok, so at first i tought the blog will get a whole new template but since nothing worked like i wanted it to i just left the old one and rearranged it a bit. maybe if i find the perfect one i`ll change it in time. for the name i think it is a perfect description of what this blog is about and who i am. expect even more style themed posts, behind the scene photos and editorials. i`ll try my best to include as many of my outfits as i can, since i know u guys love them. i`ll just have to bug my friends to take photos (it sucks when u don`t have a boyfriend who just happens to be a photography enthusiast).
so this is it! i feel like i just gave birth to a new project... damn that sounds cheesy!

next week is philips fashion week so expect photos and full reports from the runway. if u don`t want to miss anything be sure u follow me on twitter...

have a great weekend!

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