Fabulous, Broke and in Paris

i`ve been really neglecting my blog this week... i just didn`t have the right motivation and without that, well it really doesn`t have any point now does it!? my life is currently evolving pretty strangely, the things i tough were set up to happen are now under question marks and it seems like i will have to start from scratch again. and actually i don`t mind. i always seem to make it work so this time it should be no different.

anyway... i finally started to plan my trip to paris and i say finally because usually i plan my trip 3 months ahead to every single little detail. this time it will be very different. i`m traveling alone for the first time, i`m sleeping at complete strangers (couch surfing rox!) and the most imortant thing: i`m broke! i`ll be broke in Paris! don`t know how that will work out but i hope it will somehow.

do i have any readers from Paris? i would be really happy if u gave me some pointers on how to survive there for a week with a very limited budget. oh and did i mention i`m supposed to go to fashion week? i`ll be fabulous, broke and at fashion week!

photo: lookbook

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