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in slovenia we have a special custom called "pust" wich is very similar to halloween, and i`s purpose (besides dressing up in costumes) is to banish winter and call upon spring. we`re celebrating it this saturday and usually there are many carnivals and parties trough all of slovenia. it`s one of my favoutite days of the year as i love to transforme into someone else for a day... here are some fashionable ideas for your costume:

u`ll need: 60s inspired dress in a bright color, short blonde wig, 60s inspired make up (strong eyes)

Rachel Zoe
u`ll need: bohemian or vintage inspired dress, Chanel inspired jacket or a fur coat, big sunnies, long curly wig, huge bag, enormous heels, say "i die", "omg" and "bananas" all the time 

Anna Wintour
u`ll need: blonde bob wig, big sunnies, chanel suit, lots of attitude

Audrey Hepburn
u`ll need: long elegant dress, gloves, tiara, pearls, cigarette holder, 60s inspired make up, elegant hair

Blair Waldorf
u`ll need: curly brown wig or real hair, hair band, school uniform, chuck bass

Carrie Bradshaw
u`ll need:a white tutu, pink sleeveless shirt, heels, crazy curly wig, a cosmopolitan

Karl Lagerfeld
u`ll need: black suit, a collar, leather gloves, big sunnies,a tie, gray wig

Michael Jackson
u`ll need: red leather jacket, black pants,long black curly wig, white socks, black shiny shoes, lots of attitude and good dance moves

Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol
u`ll need: 60s inspired dress in crazy colors, short blonde wig, strong make up, huge crazy earings, fur coat, a cigarette, someone as Andy :)

do u have any other fashionalbe ideas? what/who are you planning to go as?

photos: all over google

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