Closet Raider: Sasha`s Portfolio

imagine my suprise when a few weeks back at a frey wille event i spotted my favourite bag from a few seasons back. man, i really loved this ysl bag! i never tought i would see it here in slovenia since it`s much more common to spot louis vuitton... anyway, i tought to myself: "this girl must be something special"! and she is. i met her on philips fashion week breakfast with designers and we clicked instantly. i had to ask her about the bag and the more we talked, more i was interested in what else does she hide in her closet. so i kindly asked her if i could peak inside...

Saša has more than 150 pairs of shoes and her clothes, accesories, bags and shoes are stored in 4 different rooms in the house.

Who`s Saša and what`s your main occupation?
Currently i`m still studying at the Vetenery Faculty, but my life is mostly about writing and fashion. So you could say that in his "spare time" with the greatest pleasure I work for Rina magazine as well as I write my blog Sasha`s portfolio.

What`s your life goal?
I would like to finish my study as soon as possible then mostly suceed in busines.

And what are your dreams?
In addition to the veterinary alternative medicine and writing attract me a lot, and of course fashion in all the possible ways.


What`s your favourite brand/designer and why?
I love Max Mara, because they offer high-quality elegance to young ladies as well as ladies in more mature years. Of course I also love the following trademarks and designers: Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Lanvin, Sportmax, Versace,... and the list goes on because in each collection I always find at least one piece that I love.


What about Slovenian designers?
Maja Ferme, Nina Šušnjara, Draž and Marteja Grošelj for the bags.


How much money do you spend for clothes, shoes and accessories per month?
Too much (laughs). It depends largely on the month, the desire and ability of course. I spend the most in the period from fall till the end of December.


Where do you do your shoppings?
Most often I do my shopping abroad because there`s much more choices. Especially in Italy. Of course also in Slovenia but not as often.

Your favourite piece in your closet and why?
In general pants because they are very practical and suitable for everyday. They can be daily, sporty, elegant, but they can also be part of an evening dress. If we talk about specific pieces it would be a royal blue shirt from Supertrash, pink maxi skirt from Sportmax, Mura coat and studded YSL Easy Y bag.

Trend you'll definitely wear this season?
Studds, silk, feathers, glitter,...


Personal style or the latest fashion trends, what do you prefer?
I would say personal style in combination with the latest trends. But most importantly, I have to feel good and consequently also look good.


Whet are your styling rules?
If I have metal details on clothing, handbags and shoes (let say gold), my jewelry will be in that color as well.


If you could raid anyones wardrobe, who would it be? 
Anja Rubik, Beyonce, Rihanna, Diane Kruger, Nicole Richie,... it would be difficult to choose only one, hehe.

Your fashion fetish?
Definitely shoes and handbags.

Last fashion buy?

Fashion style that best describes you and the one who inspires you but you`ve never tried it?
Right now it would be a classic elegance. Depending of course on my mood. I`m impressed with neo style, but it hasn`t yet been tested.

huge thanks to Saša who opened her home to me, you rock girl! 

so i think closet raider could become a regular thing on Oblačilnica... do you have any suggestions whos closet should i raid next?

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