At the Stylist`s Office

i had such a busy day today... you know that feeling when you`re so tired you think you could die but at the same time feel some kind of acomplishment, like your day was one big succes? that`s how i feel right now.

i started my day early with not such a good feeling in my stomach or in my nose (i can feel my immune sistem shutting down) and went stright to work. i was pickin clothes for tomorrows photoshoot all morning. in between i run into my ex roommate and had breakfast and coffee (at noon actually), then pulled out some more clothes...

after that i was meeting the lovely Ana Lazovski at the centre of the city for an interview. we had a lovely chat over tea and coffee. 2 hours went by so quickly i couldn`t even believe it. then back to the mall, pickin up some more stuff for tomorrow. by the time i got home it was almost 5pm and i still had to prepare all the styling for tomorrow.

i acomplished a lot today! and how was your day like?

*ow... and this is all the stuff we have to shoot tomorrow. yeah, it`t gonna be another busy day at the stylist`s office :)

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